Kurt Hosman (BS Geology, 1996)

Resource Specialist in Wenatchee, Washington

I'm a Project Coordinator for the Cascadia Conservation District (formerly known as Chelan County Conservation District). Been there since 2002. Although, not a geology job, I have been involved in a fair bit of natural resource data collection and reduction, habitat project monitoring, managing resource cost-share programs, stream flow gaging in cooperation with Dept of Ecology and USGS, and most recently was named the new project coordinator. Not quite sure what this means, but so far it involves taking funded instream and upland habitat restoration construction projects from the final design phase through completion.

On the personal side, I divorced in 2003, very happily remarried in 2005, live in Wenatchee with wife and stepson, was deployed to Iraq with the National Guard twice since late 2003 (should be able to retire from the Guard next fall...), and my wife is about to graduate from Wenatchee Valley College with an RN degree. Though my kids still live in Ellensburg with their Mom, I see them regularly.

Information last updated on Dec 4, 2009