Heidi Vanlandingham Buehler (BS Geology, 2001)

Credit Union Loan Specialist in Tacoma, Washington

I am a consumer loans and credit cards specialist at the Boeing Employees Credit Union in Tacoma. I am going into my seventh year. I service all the loans at our Credit Union and I help out our employees. The work keeps me busy, but it is not what I would like to do forever. With my life, it's something that must be done. The money is good and my family life is ever changing.

I have been married for almost three years. My husband and I have been together for over nine years. We have a 10-month old baby boy. He is the love our life. Andrew is such a mobile bundle of joy. He is starting to pull himself up and is so close to walking. I spend my free time spending as much as I can with my growing boy.

My years at CWU were the best times of my life. The people were great. I only wished I could have spent four years versus the two that I was there. My writing and my ability to solve problems is a result of my studies at CWU Geology. I remember the field camps in California and Oregon. The best course was Volcanology with Wendy Bohrson.

Information last updated on Jan 24, 2008