Kurt Walker (BS Geology, 2006)

Hydrogeologist in Yakima, Washington

I've been "working with you for a better Washington" (as directed by the Governor) now for two years. I am a hydrogeologist and permit writer with the WADOE (Ecology.) My role is to provide technical support through: technical memorandums, on site assessment, water right research, and peer document review. I didn't see myself as an "office" guy while in school, but cubical life is kind of fun. Because my assessments require a geologic description, I have had the opportunity to visit, learn about, and describe some of the most geologically fascinating places within the state. I believe I have used lessons from every class I took at CWU - even calculus! Who would have thought?

Home for me and my wife is currently Selah. Our two girls (Brittney and Cocker) love the country life and all the quail that migrate through the yard. When I'm not slaving away in my cube, I'm usually out in the garden which is always too big, on a trail foraging for something (rocks, shrooms, or berries,) or on the water sore-mouthing a bunch of fish. Central Washington is the greatest place on Earth! One of the things I miss about school: the opportunities to send van-sized boulders down a thousand feet of relief. Good times!

Information last updated on Jan 11, 2008