Tom Ring (BS Geology, 1986)

Hydrogeologist in Toppenish, Washington

I have worked for the Yakama Nation Water Resources Program since 1990. I am a hydrogeologist (groundwater geologist), but my work crosses over into surface water, irrigation, salmon, and a bit of politics and law (oh yeah, and occasionally actual geology, you know, rocks and stuff). I enjoy it after 25 years and feel fortunate to have this job.

I went to Central when the old guard was there (Bentley, Hinthorne, Ringe). The atmosphere was a good preparation to working out in the world. Highly competent faculty in an environment with lots of personal interaction with students. I wouldn't trade it.

I am married to Sue Billings, also a Central grad. We live in Selah (next to Yakima). We enjoy the amenities of central Washington like skiing, hiking, beachcombing, and traveling around in our 13' Scamp Travel Trailer. I am still trying to master golf and the piano (with about equal success).

A highlight for me is being invited to teach the Hydrogeology class at CWU every few years. I am honored to have been invited back for Winter 2017.

My reflections on CWU are very positive. It's a shame the college thing has to end. It was a fun blast from the past to attend the "Farewell to Lind Hall" celebration in May and visit with the retired faculty from my student days. Even some of my peers are now retired. Argh!

Information last updated on Dec 16, 2016