Megan Regel Jones (MS Geology, 2013)

Environmental Planner in Bellvue, Washington

I have been an Environmental Planner at CDM Smith in Bellevue, WA since January 2018. I focus mainly on compliance documentation for local, state, and federal environmental policies and regulations. That work requires analysis of environmental impacts from all kinds of projects, from construction of buildings and roads to seismic retrofits and wildfire hazard reduction. I also end up doing some GIS analysis, project management and coordination.

Currently I am coordinating architectural historian reviews for 9,000 homes in California that will undergo seismic retrofits!

The work is interesting and I get to do a lot of research and technical writing, my two favorite things!

The focus on writing at CWU certainly helped- my most common praise is "excellent writer"!

Information last updated on Jan 27, 2020