Gil Godlewski (BS in Geology, 2007)

Welder in Greencastle, Pennsylvania

I just celebrated my five year wedding anniversary. We still live in Chambersburg, PA. The last couple years took a couple huge turns that I never saw coming. After burning out of healthcare and nursing school (the two hour commute didn't help), I regrouped by working retail at Ulta Beauty for just over a year. I received a diagnosis of idiopathic intracranial hypertension in December of 2016.

I inadvertently and unexpectedly lost 100 pounds in nine months during 2017 while continuing to work and waiting to see a doctor at Johns Hopkins. Thankfully, once under their care, my health stabilized. I stopped working at Ulta in September 2017 due to my health, but started welding school in December.

I finished welding school with my American and international certifications in MIG welding in April 2018. I soon found employment with JLG and make steel pieces for telehandlers and cherrypickers. I truly enjoy my job and love knowing quantitatively what I achieved at the end of a shift. I am currently the only woman welder at our facility, but my coworkers are amazingly supportive and help me refine my craft.

Kevin and I share our house with five kitties. They keep the house full, and happy. My brother and now his wife live down the street from us, and we enjoy seeing him when our schedules align. It took a while to get here, but life is crazy, busy, and fun in all the right ways. My health remains something to be aware of, but thankfully not a constant worry.

I am thankful to all the guidance and help of the faculty and the friendship of fellow students at CWU Geology. A couple classmates have proven to be some of my best friends. I couldn't have asked for a better launching point into adulthood. Aloha and yokwe yuk, friends.

Information last updated on Aug 20, 2018