Tom Wagner (MS Geology, 2009)

Oil & Gas Geologist in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

I am currently a geologist at Cabot Oil and Gas in Pittsburgh, PA. I started out doing hydrogeology and helping establish part of our regulatory department for our Marcellus shale operations in northeast Pennsylvania. Once that got off the ground and running, I turned toward a role as a development geologist working with well logs, 3D seismic, and geochemical data to better understand the Marcellus shale reservoir for geosteering applications, enhanced production, and less environmental impact.

Through this work I have become the resident go to person for Marcellus gas stable isotope information. I have helped co-write a paper on gas in the Marcellus shale as it pertains to hydraulic fracturing and am working on publishing a more extensive paper on stable isotopes of hydrocarbons as related to Marcellus shale development and stray gas investigations. More recently, since hiring some new staff and spreading out the workload, I have had a chance to step outside of the development geologist role and take on more of an exploration geologists role. I am currently working on exploration ideas in several different states with the hopes of testing one of these ideas through drilling a wildcat in the next year or two.

Oh yeah - I have a 17 month old daughter and going to have a boy in the next two weeks!

Information last updated on Dec 20, 2012