Enrique Romero (BA Earth Science, 2007)

Earth Science Teacher in Toppenish, Washington

After graduating in 2007, I taught 7th and 8th graders at Grandview, WA. This fall, I returned to Toppenish High where I am currently teaching Earth Science to 9th and 10th graders. Thanks to the books donated by CWU Geology, I will be teaching an Advanced Geology class which will including a three-day weekend field trip as part of their final assessment (thanks to Marie Ferland).

I am also a new grad student at Heritage University working towards an M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning. All and all, THANKS for advising me towards a great career. I truly wake up each morning excited about going to school even after those long days of grading and meetings with parents.

UPDATE: This is my third year at Toppenish High School. I currently teach Earth Science, University of Washington Earth Science 101/Introductory Geology, and Introduction to Engineering Design classes. I have to say thanks to the education received through CWU Geology, I have been very comfortable teaching many of the upper level Earth Science classes. Thanks lots and lots for all the continued support!

I hope to soon complete my Master's in Education, Teaching and Learning and begin my National Board Certification. I'll keep you posted!

Information last updated on Dec 12, 2009