Ana Cadena (BS Geology, 1997; MS Geology, 2013)

Geologist in Coachella, California

Gratefully, I have the best support I could hope for from my dear friend and advisor Charlie Rubin and committee members, Dr. Lisa Ely and Dr. Anne Egger, Dawn Muzzall in the Graduate Studies Office, as well as my family and friends. I am turning in a full thesis draft by the year's end. Yeah Me! ;)

Sure, life happens, but we always have company. People reach out, and make a plan work. Giving thanks for all the friends and colleagues I've met over the years at CWU Geology - like Angie Ayers/Johnson, Carla, Tracy, Ken, Dief, Doc and Panda, Keegan, and many more. Special thanks to Nick Zentner for keeping the greater family connected.

UPDATE: I teach Pilates and Yoga these days, though I love and miss my geology.

Information last updated on Apr 8, 2020