Kyle Antonelis (BS Geology, 1999)

Marine Science Technician in Ballard, Washington

I began working for Natural Resources Consultants in Ballard in mid-November, 2007 . It is a very small (~8 members) consulting firm focusing on marine science and resources, primarily working on fisheries-related issues. My position is that of a technician and the projects I am most involved with include locating and removing derelict fishing gear and other marine debris from the Puget Sound. We also do various other types of work in the marine resources arena such as underwater habitat mapping, salmon studies, and fisheries studies. This transition from terrestrial to marine science has been a goal of mine for quite some time, so I am very excited about the opportunities my new position has to offer.

I did take a brief hiatus (1.5 yrs) from the science world and had a job with the City of Monterey Urban Forestry Department - which was a lot of fun. Most of my time was spent either climbing trees or driving a water truck.

CWU Geology was most helpful in giving me some very practical and applicable experience before entering the job world. Most of what I've done in the past eight years since graduation helped me obtain my current job, but that work would not have taken place without the experience CWU gave me.

In the last two years since returning from California, I have become a homeowner in West Seattle and a graduate student at the University of Washington School of Marine Affairs. This, while still working full time is challenging but exciting. I still find time to play in adult rec-league baseball in the spring and summer.

My CWU geology experience was fantastic. I had a great time getting to know the other students - and the faculty. The field classes were the highlights (of course), but everything else added to the highly challenging and rewarding time that was spent there. Research projects and field work opportunities were probably the most valuable for me in transitioning into the workforce.

Information last updated on Dec 3, 2009