Tracy Grover Morgan (BS Geology, 1993)

GIS Research Associate in Spokane, Washington

I conduct GIS (Geographic Information Systems) research in the Inland Northwest Natural Resources Research Center's GIS lab which is small (the director, me and one student) - located at Gonzaga University. We are currently working on a Grizzly Bear habitat study for Priest Lake. I also work with local schools and the tribe to introduce GIS to the science teachers. One project looks particularly interesting; conducting a suitability analysis for potential community gardening parcels in low income neighborhoods.

I'm also quite active in the Buddhist community in Spokane and often visit a Tibetan Buddhist Abbey near Newport, WA (Sravasti Abbey) for spiritual and mental rejuvenation.

On Mondays, I am a Reiki practitioner working with cancer patients at a local wellness center as well as with homeless women. This is most rewarding and balances the technical nature of my career which still has me trapped behind a computer terminal! Ah the days of roaming the wild Baja deserts...!

Information last updated on Dec 3, 2009