Bruce Robinson (BA in Geology, 1979)

Sign Business Owner near Kittitas, Washington

Not sure where to start , but the memories of my many years associated with the CWSC, oops CWU Geology department, still leave me with a smile on my face. With all the characters that I came in contact with over the the many years that I tried to be a professional student ('74 to '79) but fate led me away from working in the field of geology.

The many fond memoirs of the first years of my quest to be a Geologist, include professors Dr Ringe, Dr Higgins, Dr Farkas, and of course Bentley, made learning fun, and exciting, and very stressful at the same time. Boy do I remember when Bentley had to take a leave of absence, so we had to learn two quarters of structure in one (I think my head still hurts from being filled with so much of theory). We would have power lessons for a couple of hours, and then take class over to the Mia and then talk about what had just been thrown at us. Remember there is only one definition, and that is the right definition! Enough of the first year.

I almost got to use my education as a young geologist. I was a sampler for the USBM for three years, and had finally made it to the top of the registry to be hired as full time geologist - but I got zapped by Reagan. By that time, I found the love of my life Mary, and we had started a family, so they came first before my career as a geologist. I tried to get jobs, but they wanted to send me for months on end to Alaska sampling, or some place logging wells, so I refused (what a fool!). I tried to get my Masters a couple of times but the family always came first.

We became general contractors on the west side. We took our family to the Orting area, to raise our two children, and lived there for 20 years. It was a good life, but Mary and I still had the yearning for the Kittitas Valley. The day our daughter graduated from Orting, we packed our stuff and found the place of our dreams!!!! To this day, I still have the desire to be mapping the many layers of the Ellensburg Formation! So much so, that we now live on one of its many outcrops.

We now live on 81 acres NE of Kittitas , and we are semi retired, maintaining the ranch and running a sign & graphics business while raising our 4-legged kids (16 English Labrador retrievers, 12 horses and our herd of Charolais cows). We bred and show all three colors of labs, and they have become our passion!

To any of you that I may have crossed paths with in our quest to be a geology major, we are extending an open invitation to come visit us at the Circle R Ranch located 7 miles north of Kittitas.

I bow to the great Amphibolites God to this day!

PS: Does anyone know where Ralph is? Or Les Graff?

Information last updated on Nov 12, 2010