Jake Meyer (MS Geology, 2016)

Environmental Health and Safety in Seattle, Washington

Since completing grad school, I have moved around a little bit and held some interesting jobs. I worked at a winery in Chelan, WA for 1.5 years where I ran tastings, sold wine, and even gave a community presentation about geology and wine. I then worked a summer in Juneau, AK as a Naturalist Tour guide, leading whale watching and hiking tours. Of course, my tours had a fair amount of geology woven into them.

After my stint in Alaska, I moved to my current location, Seattle, WA, to work as an environmental consultant. While working as a consultant, I developed an interest in environmental health and safety (EHS). That interest has led me to my current position, and unexpected career change, into the world of biotechnology. I currently hold a hybrid role in facility operations (i.e. procurement, vendor contracts, and lab services) and EHS (i.e. chemical hygiene, lab safety, and workplace ergonomics) for bluebird bio. Even though my career path has moved away from geology, I love my job and I'm excited to see where it takes me.

When I am not working, I spend time working on my new passion, CrossFit. However, I still occasionally find time to swim, bike, run, and hike. I'm excited about the start of my new life in Seattle and I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes me.

I hope all the professors and students back at CWU are doing well!

Information last updated on Feb 20, 2020