Angela Thomassen (BA Earth Science, 2011)

Middle School Science Teacher in Ellensburg, Washington

My husband and I moved to Ellensburg in 2003 and purchased our first home. In 2006, we welcomed our son into the world at KVCH. At this time, I decided to attend Central Washington University to become a Certified Teacher in Science and Mathematics. After graduation, my family traveled to Disneyland which is one of my favorite places to visit. My son and I had a great summer traveling, playing at lakes in the area, and enjoying quality time together after my busy 4 years in college.

In 2012, we sold our first home and purchased a larger home north of Ellensburg. We also added cows and chickens to our dog and cat animal family. I love having a huge backyard with beautiful flower gardens. The new home is on 4.3 acres and has an extra bedroom for our baby girl that we greeted in February of 2013. She has been a joyful addition and big brother is amazing with her.

During my time at Central Washington University, I volunteered in multiple classrooms in the Ellensburg School District to gain valuable experiences. In the 2009-2010 school year, I worked with Liz Zentner in her 6th grade Science classroom. I developed alternative inquiries for Catastrophic Events, while motivating students in classroom discussions. I also worked with students that exhibited below average reading abilities.

In the spring of 2011, I completed my student teaching at Morgan Middle School. Since I received my degree in Mathematics and Science, I requested a split teaching time. Kevin Dwight was my master teacher for Science where I guided his 8th grade Properties of Matter classes in various inquiry lessons. In mathematics, I worked with Donovan Smith and his 6th grade advanced math classes.

Since graduating from Central in 2011, I have provided consistent and reliable instructions in Elementary, Middle, and High School Math, Science, Language Arts, Spanish, History, Computer Applications and ELL as a substitute teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed working in different classrooms each day and acquiring skills to teach a variety of students.

UPDATE: I was hired with the Ellensburg School District. I will be teaching 6th & 7th grade science at Morgan Middle school!

Information last updated on Sep 3, 2014