Rusty Ardoin (MS Geology, 2003)

Natural Gas Drilling Geologist in Tulsa, Oklahoma

We are still in Tulsa, OK. I am still with Samson Resources (i just passed my four year anniversary with Samson). I am a District Geologist with Samson; my job involves exploring for new areas to drill for natural gas. I largely employ horizontal drilling methods as most of the reservoirs I have identified are classified as "tight" sands or limestones but have natural fracturing (tight basically mean average to low porosity and very little permeability). The idea is to intersect the natural vertical fractures with a horizontal wellbore to maximize productivity; due to the low permeability of the reservoir the fractures often are the only conduits for the hydrocarbon to reach the wellbore. So on top of the already exciting job of exploring for new areas to drill, I have the added benefit to be challenged with "geosteering" the wellbore to stay in the hydrocarbon bearing zone (or "pay" zone).

The steps I go through while performing my daily job are no different from those I went through while working on my graduate degree at CWU. The graduate work I did at CWU gave me the opportunity to develop the skills of collecting, observing, analyzing, and evaluating data to either support or refute a hypothesis. Since then I have been able to take those skills and expand on them in my professional life. The thesis work I carried out under Meghan Miller basically taught me how to start and finish a project in the most efficient and detailed manner possible. That work has certainly been the cornerstone to my success in the professional world. As time moves on, I realize just how valuable my time at CWU was to me then and now.

Heidi (my wife) and I had Claire Brianne Ardoin on 11/8/2006. The photo is from this past Xmas (2007).

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