Jasmine Bates (BS in Geology, 2017)

Home Appraiser in Lawrence, Kansas

I grew up in Washington and went to CWU to stay local, never imagining moving out of Washington. I ended up moving to Kansas with a wacke-y geologist I met at Central.

Though I don't work in geology, I often look back fondly at undergrad and all that I experienced through classes, field camps, and research. It's a great department with a really familial feel where undergraduates' needs and education are prioritized in a way not seen in many departments. If you choose to study there you're all but guaranteed to have amazing faculty mentors and make lifelong friends.

I currently live in Lawrence, Kansas. For work, I flame cheese at The Mad Greek and evaluate stranger's houses at Diebold Appraisal. For fun, I homebrew with my partner (I'm shaking up a bucket of soon-to-be beer in the photo), play board games, read, drink, cook, etc.

Information last updated on Jan 21, 2020