Kevin Howell (BS Geology, 2002)

Consulting Geologist in Charlotte, North Carolina

I live in Charlotte, North Carolina with my wife Leigh and Bailey the dog. We spend a lot of our weekends visiting with friends and hanging around the house. We throw in the occasional trip to the mountains or the beach, and of course, the park with the dog. I recently picked up a road bike and have been terrorizing the greater Charlotte area in my biker shorts. Thems aint easy to get used to, neither are the funny looks.

Currently, I work as a Project Geologist for a smallish environmental consulting firm where we help folks out with their soil and groundwater issues, and guide them back into compliance with the state and federal regulatory agencies. It's about 70/30 geologists to engineers (engineers, sheesh!) in the office, and of course it's the geologists who make time for a pint after a hard day. Or any day really. Things can get a little bonkers but the work is stimulating and challenging. And the pay stinks. Nah, I'm just kidding. Kind of.

It only took a few months to realize that the field and classroom experience I was exposed to at Central put me in a different class. Everything from taking good notes that you (and others) can read and understand to working and solving complex problems are skills I have taken from my CWU Geology experience and use daily.

UPDATE: Leigh and I are now proud parents of the best little boy ever. Charles "Chase" Howell was born April 10, 2009 in good health with wide eyes. I may not be snackin' on a bowl full of cherries, but our life feels like that a lot these days.

Information last updated on Jul 2, 2009