Cooper Brossy (MS Geology, 2007)

Project Geologist in Walnut Creek, California

I work for Fugro Consultants, Inc., where I perform geoscience consulting for a variety of clients. Fugro is a large geoscience firm headquartered in the Netherlands that has an international presence. The group I work in (Fugro Consultants) specializes in geohazard consulting, especially seismic hazards.

Over the past several years I have participated in or led a variety of geohazard work in the fields of seismic hazards, marine geohazards, landslide hazards, geotechnical and engineering geology, and fluvial geomorphology, among others. All of this work is challenging and interesting in some surprising ways. I learn and apply new geoscience concepts and am exposed to new aspects of engineering, society, politics, and business on every project.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with other CWU Geology alums on several occasions - most recently Steve Alm, Andy Tiedeman, and Brian Gray. I used to work across the cubical wall from Ashley Streig.

Photo: My wife, Ahnna Westrich (MS GEOL '07) and I on the Owyhee River in southeastern Oregon where I co-led (with Lisa Ely and Caitlin Orem, among others) the 2012 Joint Pacific Northwest - Rocky Mountain Friends of the Pleistocene field trip.

Hope all is well in Ellensburg!

Information last updated on Dec 18, 2012