Sara Swimme Bloom (BS Geology, 2000)

Environmental Consulting Geologist in Everett, Washington

I continue to work within the environmental consulting industry, but the last few companies I've worked for also dabble with industrial hygiene type tasks as well (asbestos, hazardous materials). I had worked for one company in WA that Keegan Fangler had worked for, before me...while studying for a test, I found one of her old certificates in the study guide I was given! I'm currently working in the Bay Area for a small environmental firm.

I can't say that geology was my first choice, or even a consideration, when I first arrived at Central! But, I had thought it could be a back door into the oceanography. I'm truly glad I stumbled into the field! I don't do much, if anything, that's truly 'geology', but the skills I learned and knowledge obtained helped me land some good jobs, which have provided some unique opportunities! The most exciting would be my trips to Nome and Dutch Harbor, AK! Still waiting for the chance to be 'forced' to go to Hawaii!

My daughter is now 8, and too smart for her own good! I can't say I've taught her much about the dirt/soil she likes to play in, other than thinking "I hope it's not contaminated!" lol But there may be hope for her to follow in her mommy's footsteps...except she wants to dress up for work every day! (Yuck! lol)

I've attached an updated picture of Gracie and I.

Hope everyone else continues to do well!

Information last updated on Dec 20, 2016