John Casteel (MS Geology, 2006)

Geothermal Resource Manager in Reno, Nevada

I continue to work in the Geothermal Power industry, although now for a small start-up company Open Mountain Energy in Reno, NV (just moved back to Reno after 4 years in Denver).

In my role as Geothermal Resource Manager for this small company I get to wear a lot of different hats, and have been integral in all aspects of the projects, but it's still subsurface geology, structural, drilling and reservoir challenges that piques my interest the most!

If anyone is interested in learning more about Geothermal Power, get in touch with me and I'd be happy to discuss potential opportunities or ways to get involved.

Since my last update (2009!) - we have a 5 year-old son, and our daughter is now 9 years old! They are doing great, and getting ready to start at a new school this fall. Between swim lessons, dance and horse camp, we are all staying quite busy.

Information last updated on Jul 26, 2018