Karen Carlisle Schaefer (BA Geology, 1985)

House Cleaning Business Owner in Gig Harbor, Washington

I own 3 businesses. Busy Body Cleaners is number one. I do local house cleaning and janitorial work and am hoping to retire in a few years. Memory Magic is number 2. We were putting pictures on mugs and tee-shirts, but my partner has left, I am not working on this at the moment, when my youngest graduates in two years he wants to give it a try, but does not have time with homework and sports. Sweet Memory Magic is number 3. This is Xocai chocolates and we just started on Dec 7th, 2009. They are really wonderful dark chocolates that are cold pressed, not cooked, and are very good for you.

My spouses were Scott Carlisle from 1981 to 1991 (divorced) and Leo Schaefer Jr. from 1991 to 2004 (widowed in a car accident). My children are Porter Carlisle age 29, Gavin Carlisle age 27, Sarah Carlisle age 26, Ohran Carlisle age 23, Angus Schaefer age 18, and Logan Schaefer age 17. Plus 3 foster sons, one of which is married with 2 children.

My youngest and I are living in a yurt on our property (as in I own it completely), and are hoping to build a house someday. I do not qualify for a mortgage, but we had to tear down our mobile home when the ceilings fell in. It has been a long time since I graduated. All of my kids love rock collecting and fossils, and I miss playing with them, but life often goes in unexpected directions.

Information last updated on Dec 13, 2009