Jon Kleeman (BA Earth Science, 2003)

English Teacher in Formosa, Taiwan

I outsourced myself! I'm a government employee working for either the country of Taiwan, or the Republic of China, depending on who you ask. I teach Native Taiwanese students at a small school in the Central Mountain Range of Formosa. The Atayal People are known for their hunting, weaving, and facial tatoos. Although the facial tatoos are going extinct, I occasionally see one elderly lady with such a tatoo in the village where I teach. This is my second year as an English teacher here. I teach Monday through Friday from 8-4, and I also work at cram schools and tutor people privately after working hours (shhh, I'm violating the contract). Man, native English speakers are in such high demand throughout the world. I have a whole list of places that I want to go after my contract ends in July. The frontrunners are Peru, Prague, and Saudi Arabia.

How did CWU Geology help me prepare for this job? This is really interesting because it directly relates back to Dr. Rubin. One day I told him that I was interested in teaching English in Asia after graduating but I hadn't really made up my mind where to go. He suggested I go to Taiwan because the demand for teachers was high as well as the pay. He went there to study the 9.21.1999 Chi Chi earthquake and was really impressed by the low cost of living, decent wages for English teachers, and stellar public transportation system. So that's how CWU prepared me for this job. I also wanted to go to a Mandarin speaking country because my sister just adopted a little girl from Chongqing, China. She's adorable. I've learned a few Mandarin kinder songs to teach her when I see her again.

Not married. But I have many children. All of them are English Language Learners and perfect angels!

In my free time I like to hike (monthly), boulder (weekly), bike ride (only in the US), listen to music (daily), kitesurf (occasionally), travel(frequently), read (daily), be first in my fantasy league (hopefully), discuss politics and other things over a few pints with friends (in moderation, of course), and worship J Harlen Bretz (with every breath).

When is the broken pendulum going to be on youtube?

I attached a picture of myself atop the highest point in NE Asia. It's Jade Mountain in Southern Taiwan. The mountain is approximately five miles from the Tropic of Cancer.

UPDATE: I recently completed a MS degree in Education. Life is way too comfortable in Taiwan...

Information last updated on Dec 7, 2009