Aaron Mayfield receives American Federation of Mineralogical Societies scholarship

CWU Geological Sciences graduate student Aaron Mayfield was awarded a $4000 scholarship from the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS) to spend as needed on his graduate research.

The AFMS is an umbrella organization of Gem and Mineral Societies across the country. Each year, each of the regional federations (in our case the Northwest regional federation) chooses a professional geologist in their region to nominate two graduate students in the earth sciences for the scholarship. The NW region chose Steve Reidel as their nominator this year. He selected Aaron Mayfield as one of the two student scholarship recipients from the Northwest region. The AFMS is awarding about 18 scholarships nationwide this year.

Aaron received his BS in Geology from Middle Tennessee State University in 2009. He is now working on his thesis, Documenting compositional diversity in the Fossa delle Felci (Salina Island, South Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy): Integrating quantitative models and in situ chemical analyses, with Dr. Wendy Bohrson.

Aaron at a Geology event at Raw Space in downtown Ellensburg