Sarah Nagorsen receives 2009 AWG Brunton Award

Congratulations to Sarah Nagorsen, who has been awarded the 2009 Association for Women's Geoscientists Brunton Award. This award "promotes the future of field mapping and data acquisition for the upcoming generation of women geoscientists."

During the summer of 2009, Sarah embodied the criteria for this award by spending nearly three months in the field, a testament to Sarah's goal of developing excellent field geology skills and the delight of working in the field. Sarah spent three weeks in the field as a teaching assistant for the department's summer field geology course. This period was immediately followed by two months mapping in the Adobe Hills, California-Nevada as part of her MS thesis research on "Pliocene sinistral slip across the Mina deflection, California-Nevada" under the supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Lee. For her thesis, Sarah mapped nearly an entire 7.5' quadrangle and has submitted her compiled geologic map and cross-section to the US Geological Survey for review.

Sarah mapping in the Adobe Hills, California-Nevada