Rock the Space III

April 6th was a memorable night in downtown Ellensburg. Thanks so much to all who came down to Rock The Space III at Raw Space. Thanks to Geology Club President Brittany Fagin and club members for making the event happen.

In addition to the fun mix of townsfolk, CWU Geology faculty, students, and recent alums…..we had a most pleasant surprise: Nine CWU Geology Alums from the early 2000's traveled great distances to attend the event. Bridget Diefenbach (BS '02) was the ringleader of the group that included Michael August, Jennifer Coen, John Barson, Althea Cawley-Murphree, Angie Diefenbach, Shane Williams, Josh Simmons, and Max Enders. These guys traveled from Portland, Seattle, Spokane - and Max flew down from Alaska! So great to see everybody. Hoping to see even more alums next spring!

Below are a few photos and YouTube clips from the night.

Raw Space at 4th & Pine:

Raw Space Cafe starting the fill:

Opening music act Special Guests (including CWU Geology students Jesse & Carl):

Second band Devil Wood:

CWU's Anne Egger, Lisa Ely, and Susan Kaspari chatting with alums:

Front row is Michael, Althea, Bridget, Marie, Angie. Second is Max, Josh, Shane, Nick, John, Jennifer:

After 1:30 am: Josh and Shane working the bar:

Video Clips: