Dan Mongovin Accepted Into the
NAGT-USGS Internship Program

Dan in the Field
Dan in Boulder Creek, Pioneer Mountains, Idaho

Congratulations to Dan Mongovin, who has been accepted into the NAGT-USGS internship program. This 54-year old program is the longest running internship program in the earth sciences. The top student from our summer field geology course (G489) is eligible to apply for this internship, and Dan was the top student in the 2018 summer field course.

Dan will assist USGS scientists Drs. Belle Philibosian, Carol Prentice, and Suzanne Hecker with field and remote-sensing based geological mapping, terrestrial lidar and drone photography data acquisition, and paleoseismic excavations along active fault zones (West Napa, Rodgers Creek, and San Andreas faults, California). During this 5-month long internship, Dan will gain field and research experience in active tectonics and paleoseismology, knowledge of Northern California faults, and will develop skills with GIS and other software used in the geosciences.