Dr. Angela Halfpenny's Research

on Ellensburg Blue Agates

Featured in CWU Observer

Kittitas County's unique semi-precious gemstone has been the focus of some of Dr. Angela Halfpenny's research while at CWU. The science behind the formation of the Ellensburg Blue Agates and modern geochemistry was highlighted by the CWU Observer after interviewing Dr. Halfpenny about her current research. Modern geochemical analysis techniques such as X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) allow researchers like Dr. Halfpenny to create a unique elemental signature for Ellensburg Blues so that they can be sold with a certificate of authenticity in the near future to minimize fakes such as Blue Lace Agates from being sold.

Ellensburg Blue Agate Unique to Kittitas County

Eburg Blue
Ellensburg Blue Agate from the northern Kittitas Valley. Dr. Angela Halfpenny

Eburg Blue
Ellensburg Blue Agate nodule from the Kittitas County Museum being analyzed using
XRF analysis. Dr. Angela Halfpenny