Dr. Paul Winberry and Dr. Audrey Huerta's Research

Recognized in Nature's Research Highlights

Research on the use of seismic data from "icequakes" has been recognized as a way to calculate melt rates of glaciers in west Antarctica. CWU's Dr. Paul Winberry and Dr. Audrey Huerta's research published in Geophysical Research Letters in January, 2020 has gained attention in Nature's Research Highlights.

Long-period seismic events were found to originate from the terminus of the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica and record calving events and growth of fractures in the Thwaites Glacier. Seismic data gathered from the event is shown to be useful in the future for constraining rates of ice loss, and can aid in calculating future rates of sea-level rise.

Glacial Quakes Reveal Huge Chunks Falling Off Antartic Ice Mass