ANGLE Receives WSSPC National Award
in Excellence for Outreach

The Alaska Native Geoscience Learning Experience (ANGLE) program will receive the 2020 Western States Seismic Policy Council's National Award in Excellence in the Outreach category.

ANGLE is an ongoing program, developed by Alaska Pacific University, University of Alaska-Anchorage, and Central Washington University on a grant from the EarthScope Program of the National Science Foundation, that offers educators professional development workshops and helps teach student academies for the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program. ANGLE contributes to increasing Alaskan resilience to geohazards through education and the development of an action-oriented statewide learning community. CWU Geological Sciences Research Associate Beth Pratt-Sitaula is a Principal Investigator for the project, serving as its Assessment Coordinator, and actively involved in the workshops and events that the program runs.

ANGLE workshop participants exploring tsunami model
ANGLE Educator Workshop participants explore hands-on activity to understand tsunami inundation factors. (photo Pratt-Sitaula)

The Western States Seismic Policy Council is a non-profit earthquake consortium for the western states that develops seismic policies and shares information to promote programs intended to reduce earthquake related losses. They give the National Award in Excellence in Outreach only once every four years.

Congratulations to Beth and the ANGLE program for receiving this award and for developing this excellent program!