Dr. Susan Kaspari Receives Distinguished Faculty Award

Dr. Susan Kaspari was awarded the 2021 Distinguished Professor for Service Award by the CWU Board of Trustees.

She was nominated for her notable contributions and exceptional commitment to advancing sustainability at Central Washington University and in the Ellensburg community. Her service to our institution through tireless advocacy and dedication has advanced the university’s commitment to the three pillars of sustainability: environmental stewardship, economic wellbeing, and social equity.

Her academic expertise in paleoclimatology and anthropogenic climate change has been applied to advancing science-based, impactful and engaging sustainability policies and programs at Central Washington University. She has advanced sustainability through curricular, co-curricular, operational, and administrative avenues, with remarkable effort and personal commitment to the cause. And her efforts have influenced institutional sustainability priorities, led to the hiring of a full-time sustainability coordinator, and increased academic opportunities for CWU students interested in learning environmental, economic, and social sustainability concepts.

Dr. Kaspari has advocated for increased programs and courses that address sustainability and prepare students to understand and tackle sustainability challenges. In addition, she has been an engaged mentor, partner and advocate for students passionate about making sustainable change on their campus and building a culture of sustainability on campus through co-curricular programs.

She has also been instrumental in integrating sustainability into operations and administration at CWU. Her efforts have further embedded sustainability into day-to-day operations and long-term strategic planning.

And she has contributed to raising sustainability literacy in Ellensburg, to foster resilience, and build a more equitable and just community by fostering relationships with critical community partnerships to provide engagement opportunities and service-learning opportunities.

In each of her endeavors, Dr. Kaspari has lead with heart and a personal commitment to building a more sustainable and just world, admirable qualities that are commended by colleagues and students that work closely with her. For her contributions, Dr. Kaspari was awarded a 2020 CWU Sustainability Champion Award, and it is wonderful that she has received further recognition with the Distinguished Faculty Award.