Discovery Hall Rock Garden Now Online

People may not realize, as they approach Discovery Hall, that the landscaping around the building is a rock garden, with boulders representing many major geologic rock types of Washington State and the region.

Now there is a web interface to help you identify and learn about these rock samples. Graduate students in the GEOL 502 "Regional Field Geology of the Pacific Northwest" course have begun the process of researching and writing geologic descriptions of these rocks, and a web interface that can be accessed from your desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone provides access to this information.

The rock garden is used as an instructional tool for CWU Geological Sciences classes, but it is also available for viewing and study by the general public.

Go to (or scan the QR code below) to check it out, and stop by Discovery Hall to go on a self-guided tour.

More descriptions will be added by future students taking the GEOL 502 class. So if your favorite rock doesn't have a description yet, keep checking back!