Geology Club Wins Most Artistic Banner in CWU Club Contest

On January 11th, clubs and other organizations gathered to create banners that represented them. They were encouraged to be artistic, creative, and unique in their designs as these banners would be displayed in the SURC. On January 18th, the banners were judged and winners for 3 categories were selected: most unique, most artistic, and most club themed. Although all clubs and organizations put a lot of work into their banners, winners were selected for each category. To our excitement, our Geology club banner won most artistic, thanks to the combined efforts of our Geology Club Secretary, Ashley Roy, for designing and leading the creation of the banner, assisted by Geology Club members, L. Saige Johnson and Brice Liedtke. The banner is representative of the folding layers of the Earth and the pun "Geology Rocks" is made to look like blue crystal geodes. The winning banners will stay hung in the SURC until January 26th, for continued viewing!

"Most Artistic" Geology Club Banner

From left to right the people in the picture are:
Brice Liedtke, L. Saige Johnson, Ashley Roy (Geology Club Secretary), Ariel Williams (Geology Club Treasurer), and Rhiannon Whitehead (Geology Club Senator).
Picture by Timothy Miller (Geology Club President).