10 Years of CWU Research in Antarctica

2017-18 is the tenth year Dr. Audrey Huerta and Dr. Paul Winberry have been instructing and conducting polar research in the CWU Geological Sciences department. Their research continues to use geophysical methods to explore the tectonic structure and history of ice-covered regions as well as the influence of geology on glacial dynamics. During their time at CWU they have conducted over ten research expeditions to Antarctica as well as experiments in Alaska and Norway. This work has been funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation and has provided opportunities for 2 undergraduate and 5 graduate students to travel to Antarctica to conduct research.

Running a seismic experiment in Antarctica

Former CWU undergraduate Angela Hoffer (right) managing seismic cables as part of an experiment to understand geological controls on the flow of the fast-moving Whillans Ice Stream in Antarctica.

Testing new seismic equipment in Alask

Audrey Huerta and Tim Parker (IRIS-PASSCAL Insturment Facility) drilling a borehole for testing new seismic equipment on the Taku Glacier in Alaska.