Field Work in the Huntoon Mountains, Nevada.

Graduate student Bodie McCosby, his field assistant Grant Nussbaum, and Professor Jeff Lee completed geologic mapping in the Huntoon Mountains, Nevada, in June and July, 2018. The Huntoon Mountains are located ~50 km east of Mono Lake, and the region is cut by sinistral and normal faults.

Field work included geologic mapping of Miocene and Pliocene lavas, tuffs, and volcanic debris flows, and sedimentary rocks; documenting the location, style, and geometry of faults; and collecting structural data and volcanic rock samples for 40Ar/39Ar geochronology. One of the primary goals of this research is to document Miocene and Pliocene fault slip rates.

Cheap, large tin coffee and Jif peanut butter fuel Bodie and Grant in the field.

Bodie taking notes adjacent to ~3.5 Ma olivine basalt lava flow.

Bodie standing on top of an outcrop of ~11.4 Ma welded latite ignimbrite. White Mountains in the background.

Grant standing on ~11 Ma Tuff of Jacks Spring.