Majors in Geological Sciences

The Geological Sciences department at Central Washington University offers three majors and a minor. All of the programs benefit from the close community of undergraduates, faculty, and graduate students within the department and are full of opportunities for field trips, research, and career preparation.

Interested in understanding how the Earth works, and how it has changed and evolved over its 4.6 billion-year history?

Consider the BS in Geology

Majoring with a BS in Geology gives you the opportunity to explore a range of Earth processes, from plate tectonics and mountain building to erosion and the deposition of sediments, with a focus on the solid earth over the entire span of geologic time to the present day. The BS program builds on a solid foundation in allied sciences and math and culminates in a capstone field mapping experience, and prepares you for graduate school and a wide variety of careers in the geosciences, including geotechnical consulting and resource exploration. This program also prepares you to be a licensed professional geologist in Washington.

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Interested in Earth processes that are happening today at and near the surface?

Consider the BS in Environmental Geological Sciences

The major in Environmental Geological Sciences focuses on the interactions between solid Earth and the atmosphere and hydrosphere, including groundwater, soils, and climate. The BS program builds on a solid foundation in allied sciences and math, and prepares you for graduate school and a variety of careers in the environmental sciences, including the environmental consulting and water resources sectors.

Model 4-year Plan | Model 2-year Plan for Transfer Students

Interested in sharing how the Earth works with others or applying geoscience to other fields?

Consider the BA in Geology

The BA degree is designed for students preparing to incorporate geosciences into careers such as teaching, educational outreach, resource management, environmental planning, business, or law. It is the appropriate major for students seeking an endorsement in teaching high school Earth science. Students who successfully complete the Geology BA and STEM Teaching Program are eligible to apply for Washington State teacher certification.

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Interested in understanding how the Earth works but already have a major?

Consider the Geology minor

The Geology minor allows you to pursue your interests within the department's course offerings and can be combined with virtually any other major. It may be particularly useful for students in anthropology, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, environmental science, geography, history, physics, science education, supply chain management, and tourism.

Class Requirements for Minor

For full details of the Geological Science's programs and course offerings, see CWU's on-line undergraduate course catalog.