Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geological Sciences

The major in Environmental Geological Sciences focuses on the interactions between solid Earth and the atmosphere and hydrosphere, including groundwater, soils, and climate. The BS program builds on a solid foundation in allied sciences and math, and prepares students for graduate school and a variety of careers in the environmental and geological sciences, including environmental consulting and water resources.

Students who declare a major in Environmental Geological Sciences must register with the department and work out a specific program of studies with the chairperson or an assigned advisor. Course programs can be tailored to the student's needs and interests with the aid of an academic advisor. Other requirements may be modified in cases where past performance indicates superior ability. Students must be evaluated for math placement upon declaration of the major with the goal of establishing profiency at MATH 163.2 level early in the major program.

A Four Year Plan for a course of study toward an Environmental Geological Sciences B.S. degree.

Visit the CWU Catalog for the details of class requirements and electives: