Transferring into Geology at CWU

The CWU Geological Sciences Department is pleased to have transfer students express interest in the majors that we offer.

If you arrive at CWU without the equivalent of the required courses listed below, you'll need to take the courses at CWU before you can officially declare your major. Taking the equivalent courses before you arrive at CWU will speed your entry into the major and provide a solid foundation to make good progress towards a degree.

In addition to the required courses, there are some courses that are recommended. They are not required prior to transfer, but having completed them will let you hit the ground running when you enter the major.

A sample course of study toward a Geology B.S. degree, following a transfer into Geology at CWU.

For more information about CWU's transfer admission criteria, see the Admissions Office page with the details.

For more information about how course credits are transferred, see the Registrar's page on transfer course equivalences and policies.

Required Courses

For the BA and BS majors in Geology and the BS major in Environmental Geology:

  • Introductory Physical Geology (equivalent of CWU GEOL 101, 102 or 103 and 101LAB)
  • Historical Geology (equivalent of CWU GEOL 200)
  • Math through pre-Calculus

Please note: Completion of these courses does not guarantee admission to Central Washington University or the Geology program.

Recommended Courses

For the BS major in Geology and BS major in Environmental Geology:

  • Math through Calculus
  • 2 quarters of Chemistry
  • 2 quarters of Calculus-based Physics