Seminar Series

Fall 2022

  • October 7 Nick Zentner, Central Washington University
    Title: Exotic Terranes in the North Cascades
  • October 21 Ian Stone, University of Washington
    Title: Understanding and modeling earthquakes on Washington’s crustal faults
  • October 28 Nicole Rocco, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Title: The Life of a Dark Matter (Geo)Chemist
  • November 4 Will Hoover, University of Washington
    Title: Episodic tremor and slow slip in a chemically-reacting shear zone
  • November 18 Joel Gombiner, University of Washington
    Title: Moses Coulee MegaFloods

Seminars will be at Noon, in Room 103 of Discovery Hall.

All talks will be in person. They will not be available via Zoom, but they will be live-streamed to YouTube. More details will be available prior to the first talk in the series.

  Nick Zentner, <>
  Hannah Shamloo, <>