Talk Fridays! - Speaker Series

Spring 2023

  • April 14 Lydia Harmon, Arizona State University
    Title: Untangling the Magmas and Timing of a Supereruption
  • April 21 Jerome Lesemann, Vancouver Island University
    Title: The Cordilleran Ice Sheet: an Ice Sheet Predisposed to Outburst Floods
  • April 28 Skye Cooley, Montana
    Title: Calcrete at Eastern Washington's Geomorphic Triple Junction
  • May 12 Carey Gazis, Central Washington University
    Title: Groundwater Storage: A Sustainable Water Management Solution
  • June 2 Mattathias Needle, University of Washington
    Title: Designing Video-game-style Field Geology Simulations for Research and Education

Noon Talks are in Room 103 of Discovery Hall.

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  Hannah Shamloo, <>