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Geologic Field Methods

Locations and Facilities

Locations and Facilities

Oregon State University's Field Station (N44.566°, W120.107°) is located on the north flank of the Ochoco Mountains, approximately two miles east of Mitchell, OR on the south side of Highway 26 and 50 miles northeast of the Bend-Redmond area. The Ochoco Mountains expose Permian metamorphic rocks, Cretaceous marine sediments, and Tertiary volcanic rocks of the Clarno and John Day formations and Columbia River basalts. Folds, faults, and unconformities are well exposed in the semi-arid terrain of moderate relief. Three to five days of mapping are often spent in the Canyon Mountain Ophiolite in the Strawberry Mountains. Central Oregon's varied landscape offers a breadth of geology, scenery, and recreation sites. Click here for driving directions to the OSU field station.

The OSU field station has a kitchen, laundry, hot showers, and flush toilets, as well as a dining hall with study area, library, and stereo-viewers. For individual housing, students bring their own tents and sleeping bags. Graduate students and faculty also use the station while conducting research in the area.

  • Mailing address: OSU Field Geology Camp, General Delivery, Mitchell, OR 97750
  • Phone number: 541-462-3889
  • UPS & FedEx address: 19690 Highway 26 East, Mitchell, OR 97750

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