Mt. Tasman, NZ

Dr. Carey Gazis

Ph.D. 1994, California Institute of Technology
Associate Professor


Current Areas:

Carey Gazis arrived at CWU in September 1997 and is interested in the geochemistry of fluid-rock interaction in the Earth's crust, ranging from the role of fluids in chemical weathering of rocks on the Earth's surface to the effects of fluids on igneous and metamorphic rocks deep in the crust.

She is currently involved in two research projects related to the geochemistry of Earth surface waters and soils: 1) A stable isotope study of H2O and CO2 in soils; and 2) A study of Indus River chemistry and chemical weathering in the NW Himalayas.

In the past few years, she has also been one of several geochemists involved in a multidisciplinary study of the Nanga Parbat-Haramosh Massif of the northwestern Himalayas, Pakistan. This project is aimed at understanding processes responsible for an recent and still-active episode of very young high-grade metamorphism, partial melting, and rapid denudation around the center of Nanga Parbat.

Teaching and Schedule


Dr. Gazis teaches undergraduate non-major courses in Environmental Studies and Environmental Geology as well as upper-level undergraduate/ graduate level courses in Hydrogeology, Environmental Geochemistry and Isotope Geochemistry.

Courses - Winter, 2002