Marie Byrd Land dome


The Marie Byrd Land Dome (West Antarctica) is a region of anomalously high topography moslty covered by a thick veneer of ice. Since most mountains are supported by crustal roots, conventional wisdom holds that this is a region of thick crust. However, recent studies (Winberry et al.,) indicate that this region of high elevation is not supported by thick crust. If the mountains are not bouyed by crust, then there must be some other low-density component of support

Perhaps hot-mantle?

In 2009-2010 the POLENET team  installed an array of seismometers across the Dome to determine the structure beneath and around the dome to determine what is supporting the high elevation.

In 2011-2012 we will retrieve the seismometers and begin analyzing the data


Twin Otter waiting for fog to lift so that we can install seismometers

Using snowmobiles to install seismometers- when you can’t fly, you do what you have to do...

And, sometimes we use the famous Scott method of “man hauling”. Luckily no-one died...