Snow, Ice and Liquid Black Carbon Services and Analytical Prices using a Single Particle Soot Photometer (SP2)


Dr. Susan Kaspari
Department of Geological Sciences
Central Washington University
Ellensburg, WA 98926 USA
+1 509 963-2738

Available Analysis

The Department of Geological Sciences at Central Washington University operates a Single Particle Soot Photometer (SP2, Droplet Measurement Technologies) for measuring black carbon concentrations in snow, ice and liquid samples. For snow and ice samples the sample must be kept frozen until just prior to analysis. Once melted, the liquid sample is sonicated, nebulized using a Marin 5 nebulizer, and the resultant dry aerosol is coupled to the sample inlet on the SP2. The SP2 is a modified wide-range SP2, allowing BC with mass-equivalent diameters between 80-2000nm to be detected.

Analytical Fees

NON-PROFIT USER (including higher education and other government entities)

A minimum charge of $300 will be charged. This cost reflects the minimum time to start the instrument, run standards, and process data.

*For large projects (greater than 700 samples to be analyzed), there may be an option for non-profit users to assist in analyses for reduced analytical costs.

Concentration data is provided ng/g. Additional fees may apply for highly concentrated samples that require additional processing, or for mass-size distributions. The listed analytical fees assume the samples are shipped in vials ready to be analyzed.