Large Dextral Offset Across Owens Valley, California, from 148 Ma to 1872 A.D.

May 2-4, 2005: Owens Valley region, California

Allen Glazner
University of North Carolina, (919) 962-0689, email:
Jeffrey Lee
Central Washington University, (509) 963-2801, email:
John Bartley
University of Utah, email:
David Green
Denison University, email:
Drew Colemen
University of North Carolina, email:
Andrew Kylander-Clark
University of Calfornia, email:


Although the dramatic 3300 m eastern escarpment of the Sierra Nevada was produced by normal faulting, field data indicate that dextral slip dominates the tectonics of eastern California. The 1872 Lone Pine earthquake produced more dextral slip than normal slip, and mapping of several pre-Cenozoic markers demonstrates 65 km or more of dextral slip since the Late Cretaceous. On this trip we will (1) examine neotectonic evidence for fault slip and strain partitioning; (2) trace the distribution and offset of pre-Cenozoic markers (e.g., dike swarms); and (3) discuss the implications of this slip for the tectonics of eastern California and unroofing of the southern Sierra Nevada.

triangular facet

Field trip participants with the Sierra Nevada in the background

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