Geologic Field Methods

CWU Student Code

Students are responsible for complying with the policies, standards, rules, and requirements for academic and social behavior as proscribed in CWU's Student Code, a summary of which is below. To read the entire student code, see Washington State Legislation WAC 106-125-020 and WAC 106-125.

Proscribed conduct

Students shall be subject to disciplinary action or sanction upon violation of any of the following conduct proscriptions:

(1) Disruptive and disorderly conduct.
(2) Academic dishonesty in all its forms including, but not limited to:
    i. cheating,
    ii. copying from another student,
    iii. plagiarism,
    iv. collusion.
(3) Sexual assault in any form.
(4) Physical/emotional abuse of any person.
(5) Harassment of any sort or any malicious act.
(6) Creating noise in such as way as to interfere with university functions.
(7) Theft or malicious destruction, damage, or misuse of University property.
(8) Possession or use of any firearm, dangerous weapon, incendiary device, or explosive.
(9) Possession, use, or distribution of any controlled substance.
(10) Violation of the University policy on alcoholic beverages.

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