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Dynamics of Normal Fault Systems in the Basin and Range Province and Tibet

Project Summary

These projects center is on the dynamics of a system of intraplate normal faults in the Basin and Range Province and Himalayan-Tibetan orogen using geologic mapping, tectonic geomorphology, paleoseismology, geochronology, and thermochronology on range front and orogen parallel normal faults. In the Basin and Range Province, research goals include placing geologic constraints on geodynamic hypotheses proposed for the forces that drive extension, comparing geologic fault slip rates (strain release) with geodetic studies of contemporary strain accumulation across the province, and landscape evolution. In Himalayan-Tibetan orogen, our research is motivated by the observation that extension is ongoing in a region of continental collision, convergence, and profound crustal thickening. Our research goals center on deciphering the geologic and tectonic processes that drive extension orthogonal and parallel to the orogen.

A newly NSF funded project on normal faults in the western Basin and Range will support two MS research students. For details, contact Jeff:

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