triangular facet Triangular facet, Kung Co rift, Tibet

MS Thesis Research Projects*

J. Bodie McCosby, 2019, Characterizing the deformation history of the southern Mina Deflection: Field and structural studies in the Huntoon Mountains, California-Nevada.
Andrew Hoxey, 2018, Spatial and temporal characterization of the Petrified Spring fault, central Walker Lane, Nevada: Documenting Miocene-Pliocene dextral slip. Andrew's thesis was awarded the department's 2018-2019 Distinguished Thesis Award.
Kevin DeLano, 2015, Geologic mapping in the Black Mountain area, northern Eastern California Shear Zone: Testing a kinematic and geometric fault slip transfer model. In recognition of his academic qualifications and excellent research proposal, Kevin was awarded two scholarships, one for $1000 from the Northern California Geological Society Richard Chambers Memorial Scholarship and another for $4000 from the Northwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies.
Brett Shurtleff, 2015, Rapid middle to late Miocene slip along the Zanskar normal fault, Greater Himalayan Range, NW India: Constraints from low-temperature thermochronometry.
Meilani Bowman-Kamaha'o, 2015, Ductile deformation patterns in the Himalaya: Kinematics and vorticity in Gianbul Dome, NW India. Meilani was awarded a $500 scholarship for the 2010-2011 academic year by the American Geological Institute, Minority Participation Program.
Rachelle Warren, 2014, Geologic mapping in the northern Eastern California Shear Zone, California: Testing a kinematic and geometric fault slip transfer model.
Sarah Nagorsen, 2011, Pliocene sinistral slip across the Adobe Hills, western Mina deflection, eastern California.
In recognition of Sarah's field mapping, she was awarded the AWG's 2009 Brunton Award and in recognition of the quality of her research and her presentation skills, she received an Honorable Mention for the Best Paper award for her talk on Fault kinematics in the Western Mina Deflection: Field studies in the Adobe Hills, California given at the 2010 GSA Cordilleran Meeting.
Tom Wagner, 2009, Kinematics and vorticity in Kangmar Dome, southern Tibet: Testing patterns of mid-crustal ductile deformation during the Himalayan orogeny.
Jackie Langille, 2008, Middle crustal ductile deformation patterns in southern Tibet: Insights from vorticity studies in Mabja Dome. Jackie's exceptional thesis was awarded the University's 2008-2009 Distinguished Thesis Award.
John Casteel, 2005. Late Miocene to Holocene faulting along the southwestern Inyo Mountains fault zone, eastern California.
Kimberly Le, 2004. Late Pleistocene to Holocene extension along the Sierra Nevada range front fault zone, California.
Jeffrey Schroeder, 2003. Pleistocene dextral fault slip along the White Mountains fault zone, California.

*students have gone onto careers in academia, economic geology, environmental consulting, geothermal, oil & gas, the USGS, and water resources.

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