Nick Zentner

BS in Geology, University of Wisconsin (1986)

MS in Geology, Idaho State University (1989)

Discovery Hall room 134

Nick has been with CWU Geology since 1992. He teaches a popular "GEOL 101 - Geology of Washington" course to CWU students every Fall Quarter and Winter Quarter - and his course is open to townspeople for free! He also teaches "GEOL 351 - Pacific Northwest Geology" in spring.

For all of Nick's outreach efforts, please visit his website:

In 2015, Nick received the prestigious James Shea Award, a national award recognizing exceptional delivery of Earth Science content to the general public. Past Shea Award recipients include John McPhee, Jack Horner, Robert Ballard, and Stephen Jay Gould.

In 2020, Nick and the 'Nick On The Rocks' video team received two Emmy Awards for their PBS series that highlights Pacific Northwest Geology.