Rex Flake, L.E.G.

M.S. 2002, Central Washington University
Scientific Programmer/Field Engineer
PANGA Data Analysis Center
Department of Geological Sciences

Rex Flake is CWU's geodesy laboratory Engineering Geologist. Flake is responsible for permitting, constructing, maintaining, and operating a variety geophysical research equipment including: broadband seismometers, absolute gravimeters, ground penetrating radar, GNSS positioning systems, VLB tiltmeters, and terrestrial laser scanners. On the outside of things, Rex still gets to play in the dirt where he operates heavy equipment. You name it: pneumatic pile drivers, hydraulic rotary drill rigs, and backhoes –anything to accomplish specific research objectives of the lab and the Geological Sciences Department of CWU.

Flake has also had opportunity to fill a public relations role where he's been interviewed several times by Seattle's King 5 News, local newspapers and radio stations to address public concern and education outreach on the potential hazards of future earthquakes across the Pacific Northwest. On a national scale, Rex has consulted on a Nat Geo TV special and was featured on the History Channel program "The Ring of Fire".

In 2000, Rex graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences. He continued his studies to earn an additional science degree in Mathematics in 2002 and a Masters of Science degree in Geophysics one year later. Rex has subsequently earned professional licenses to practice geology and engineering geology in the state of Washington.