Transferring to CWU Geology

Are you thinking about transferring to CWU Geology?
Well... this page is for you!

A full 50% of our geology majors are folks who transferred to us here at Central Washington University. That means we have lots of practice folding students into our program regardless of your previous coursework. We emphasize old-school, face-to-face advising for our new students - and we have a tradition of being generous with our course substitutions to make sure that you get started on a good note here.

If you arrive at CWU with math and chemistry courses completed, there is more time to focus on our wonderful geology classes and our unique research opportunities. But we can make anything work with you - even if you need to take all of your math, chemistry and physics here at CWU.

Your Geology Advisor: Nick Zentner

Nick Zentner

As soon as you are admitted to CWU, please contact your geology advisor - Nick Zentner. Nick will work with you immediately regarding transferring your credits, picking classes for your first couple of quarters, etc, etc. Email is a great way to reach Nick:

And he’ll want to visit with you in person the next time you are visiting Ellensburg. Nick’s office is room 134 in the Geology Building (Discovery Hall). The cost of living in Ellensburg compares favorably to living in many parts of Washington. And CWU’s tuition costs are also a major selling point.

GEOL 210: An Ideal First Class for You!

For most of our new transfer students, GEOL 210 - a unique field course taught in California - is the first CWU experience. Taught in late August/early September each year, Introduction to Field Methods teaches introductory students the basics of field mapping while hiking and working together in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevade Range near Bishop, California. After 15 days of intense work and play, our new transfer students no longer feel like new students - and when CWU’s Fall Quarter begins in mid September - everybody knows everybody in the classroom. Great!

Transfer Weekend at CWU Geology

Twice a year, Nick invites prospective geology transfer students to a Transfer Weekend at CWU Geology. The first weekend of October and April is set aside to showcase our beautiful new building and our outstanding local field sites. Nick gives special lectures, leads the tours, and also takes the group of Community College students and faculty in the field both Friday and Saturday afternoons. The building and the field sites sell themselves! This is a special place to study geology. Come visit! Email Nick to learn more about CWU Geology. We'd love to have you here!

Resources for Transferring to CWU