Graduate Program

Geological Sciences at CWU offers a competitve and well-known two-year master's program. Research projects vary with our diverse faculty with projects ranging from studying the uplift and exhumation of ultra-high pressure metamorphic rocks, tectonics and igneous petrology, to seismic and landslide hazards.

Tsunami Deposit in Chile
Pedro Matos-Llavona excited to see fantastic tsunami deposits in Chile. Take a video tour with Pedro of his field site in Chile [English] [Spanish]

Most graduate students often leave the program with jobs waiting. Many M.S. students work for consulting firms, goverment agencies such as the U.S.G.S or the Washington Geologic Survey, with many other graduates continuing onward to complete a Ph.D., with all happy to have had their learning experience with the CWU Geology Department.

Brittany Fagin ICP
Brittany Fagin analyzing data to work out pressure-temperature-time constraints for exhumation of ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic rocks from western China.
Landslide-dammed Lake
Logan Wetherell sampling partially submerged trees for dendrochronology to date a landslide which blocked the outlet of a small creek and formed a lake several hundred years ago.
Wernle Presenting at EGU
Alex Wernle presenting her research on the Evolution of Continental Rifting at the European Geosciences Union conference.

Other Reasons to Join the CWU Geological Sciences Department